Prices outside elevator with operator including 21% VAT

30 year discount, price companies black/ price private persons red
One object Up to and including the fourth floor
This includes: one object out of one piece! € 100,00/€90,00
more objects, 30 minutes service! € 110,00/€95,00
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th floor € 15,00 per floor
Conditions: object is ready to go, parking in front of the window, enough manpower available for lifting. For items more than 100 kg price on request.
One hour rental
Time to (de)install: max 10 min.
Moving time 50 min. € 120,00/€100,00
Two hour rental
For all types of removals.
Time to (de)install: max 15 min
Moving time 1 hour 45
€ 170,00/€ 160,00
Additional costs
Extra hour/half hour, after the two hour rental € 80,00 /€ 40,00
Last Minute application (same day) € 20,00
Weekend single supplement € 25,00
Holidays single supplement € 25,00
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th floor € 15,00
Use of RVV-permission € 20,00/€ 15,00
Rate outside Amsterdam back and forth (from € 20,00) € 0,99 p/km


  • The windows should be opened.
  • moving objects should fit through the window/balcony.
  • no high objects in front of the moving window (trees, light posts, tram lines, etc.)
  • two empty parking places needed in front of the window for installing the elevator. Sizes 5.4m long, 1.9m wide, height 2.9m
  • maximum load 300/400 kilo
  • A permission for blocking of streets longer than 15 minutes is required (cost €240,00). The costs vary by borough.
  • We advice to park your own car right in front of the moving window/balcony. The deposition of the parking places by the district is not free!(cost €390,00)

Need advice?

For questions concerning the installation of the outside elevator, etc.
Send your question to We call/mail you back.